Why it’s unfair to blame the poor!

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need



Behind everything thing we do is a need that wants to be satisfied. We have instincts that keep us alive and continue our species.  But there are other needs that go beyond our body’s instincts. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs starts at the basic physiological needs we need just to stay alive. Once these are made we have a need for safety, then we want love and affection. Within our group we want to have self esteem. Finally we have a need of satisfying our full potential that Maslow calls SelfActualization. The five needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy include:

1 Self Actualization -Fulfillment Needs (full potential) This is the rare level where people have need of purpose, personal growth and realization of their potentials. People on this level are fully functional, acting purely on their own volition and have a healthy personality.

2 Ego -Self Esteem Needs (self respect, personal worth, autonomy) On this level, people act from their ego needs. They value the options of others, in order to believe in themselves. It is a matter of self-respect through respect from others.

3 Social – Love and Belongingness Needs (love, friendship, comradeship) On this level, people need to feel loved. Here loving one’s self has not been fully discovered. Some families are tightly bond. If this need is very strong, there can be a rush to fulfill this need resulting in less than ideal partner selection.

4 Security – Safety Needs (security; protection from harm) Here we might include living in a safe area away from threats. This level is more likely to be found in children as they have a greater need to feel safe. Those who worry about small things, such as drinking out of plastic glasses have strong security needs.

5 Body -Physiological Needs (air, food, sleep, stimulation, activity) People on this level tend to be sick or in emergency type situations. They have biological needs for physical equilibrium (homeostasis). People with lack of shelter, clothing, food focus on these needs before they can possibly aim higher!

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